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Review: Eve by Anna Carey

My Rating: 4/5 stars
Eve (Eve, #1)

Title: Eve 

Author: Anna Carey 

336 pages 


In the year 2032, everything from our society has been obliterated. Twelve years ago, a plague killed off such a large part of the population that those who survived were forced to restart. Children became orphans, helpless and lost. Through the panic, a man with a plan became the King, promising a better tomorrow, promising to rebuild. 

Eve is an 18 year old girl like most others. She goes to the School, is looking forward to graduating and travelling to the City of Sand, and absolutely detests and is frightened of men. After discovering a secret the night before graduation that the School has tried so hard to hide, Eve runs away, with the knowledge that everything she's ever known was a lie. Always protected before the matters of the heart, Eve must question everything she knows when a rebel boy, Caleb enters her life. Meanwhile, the King is hunting her down, for a far more sinister purpose than she may realize. 


I heard some mixed reviews about this book when I found it on Goodreads. But that was like a million years ago and when I picked it up at the library, I had forgotten what everyone had said about it. Hence, I divided into this book pretty unbiased (which is a good thing). Surprisingly, I liked it. Carey's portrayal of this New America managed to intrigue, disgust, and frighten me. 

The Good: 

I loved the setting, time period, and pretty much everything "dystopian" in the story. The idea was just so original. Sure, we'll all read those dystopian novels where the inhabitants aren't supposed to fall in love. But I don't think it's ever been played up to this extent. The entire society was just so sinister and horrible that it was beautifully devastating to read *mwahahaha*. 

The Not-So-Good: 

Eve. She's just so...strange. Some people found her awkward and self-centered but I sort of liked that about her. What else could you expect from a girl who had lived her entire life thinking she would leave the School and live in a city with indoor sledding mountains when really, she would be imprisoned for life? What I did think was strange was the fact that Eve accepted Caleb so... easily. Sure, she had her awkward moments with him and didn't trust him at first. But it seemed sort of out of the blue to me. I mean, she's lived most of her life not seeing a single man and when Caleb comes around, in just two or three chapters she's fine around him? I would've expected her to be more cautious and nervous, sort of like this: 


Not only that, but Eve managed to annoy me quite a bit. SPOILER ALERT: I mean it's because of her that Marjorie and Otis died. Not to mention the fact that Arden nearly gave up her life for Eve and we don't even know if she's alive! And what does Eve do? She sits in a tub for a few days, not caring if she's alive or dead. But when Caleb comes around she says "I am going to Califia. I am with Caleb. I am happy." HELLO?! Did you forget you're the reason that some people are dead??? 


Other than the annoying main character, I enjoyed the story and can only hope that Eve develops a little throughout the next few books. Recommended for anyone looking for a great dystopian and who can ignore a vapid and ignorant heroine agitating Eve. Enjoy! :) 

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