Sunday, July 1, 2012

Liebster Award!

Thank you Nicole for tagging me in the Liebster Awards! Guys, this girl is great, do check out her blog! I honestly had no idea what these awards were and it came as a surprise to me to be given such an honor. So for this award, the winners must give eleven facts about themselves, answer eleven questions, tag eleven other blogs (any with under 200 followers), and then ask eleven questions to the people they have tagged. Simple as that :)

Eleven Facts about me:

1. I'm pretty short *drops head in shame*. My younger sister is about an inch taller than me (I think I'm 5'2")  and she never lets me forget it. 
2. I'm a huge and I mean HUGE foodie. I don't eat meat but I don't consider vegetarian either and I like spicy food more than sweet. 
3. Clowns. Some people find them hilarious. I find them terrifying. Thanks Mom for making me watch that scary movie about a murderous clown at the age of six. 
4. I love listening to music and I don't care where it comes from. I listen to all kinds of music but I can't stand the mainstream pop. I like any meaningful music. My favorite band at the moment is Coldplay *sigh*. 
5. I watch more TV than I should... *tee hee* 
6. My favorite subjects in school are History and English. I never knew I could enjoy either of these subjects so much until I came to high school and was graced with having such great teachers. 
7. I want to be a Doctor when I grow up. Everytime I say this, people ask me what kind exactly and I'm not so sure. All I know is that I want to go into the medical field and help others. Nothing satisfies me more than knowing that I made a positive impact on someone's life. I can't even image what it would feel to save someone's life. How it would feel to know that though I worked so hard, it all payed off in the end. What a wonderful feeling. 
8. I am seriously crazy about Historical Fiction right now. And Fantasy. I realize I don't read as much contemporary anymore but it's because I love History and when my favorite subject collides with romance, thriller, and intrigue, I just can't stay away. 
9. My favorite authors are Marion Chesney, J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini, Shannon Hale, Jean Ferris, Jane Austen, and sometimes Meg Cabot. Meg Cabot sometimes because she creates great books sometimes and others times, not so great. 
10. I can't wait to drive!!! I'll be able to this January *happy dance*! 
11. I can't stand eReaders. My dad suggested to buying me one and I freaked out. Nuh-uh, I told him. I don't think you can get the original feel of a book from an eReader. But I guess it's not that bad as long as you're able to read something right? 

Eleven Questions and Answers: 

Q- What is your ALL TIME favorite book and why?
A- Oh... this one's tough! I guess my all time favorite book would be Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. No joke, I love that book. And the title may not look promising and typical but trust me on this, it's an amazing book. I bought this book with about $10 from a book fair in the 4th grade. I ended up not reading it until I got to 5th grade though. I may have read it as a ten or eleven year old but this book is meant for all ages. It has just the perfect mixture of everything. A prince, village and teenage girl drama, and the strive to become educated. It's a beautiful book that I feel with stay with me my whole life. Oh! Another reason to love this book... the main character is no damsel in distress. She can definitely fight for herself, something I look for in any character. 

Q-Do you prefer happy endings, sad endings, or either and why?
A- Hmm, well I think either. I notice that whenever I write, I end up writing dark or sad stories which sometimes people don't want to hear but I like the way they make me feel. Impassioned, moved, and emotional. But while reading, I t enjoy a mix of happy and sad endings. Not too much happiness and not too much sadness.

Q-Cliff hangers: What are your thoughts about them? Would you rather have most of the plot lines tied that way you can have some piece of mind while waiting a year for the next one to come out?
A- I have a serious love- hate relationship with cliffhangers. I love them because it makes me stick to the series and want to continue and yet hate them because they remind me that I have to wait *pout*. But honestly speaking, I like the cliffhangers because they give me something to wait for and I like that feeling of suspense. 

Q- Love triangles: Sick of them? Love them? What are your thoughts about them?
A- I'm not a huge fan of love triangles. I don't always like the way they're played out and they can be a huge turn off for me while choosing a book to read. The only exception is when the author's writing is so good that even a love triangle can be tolerated. Other than that, I'm sick of them (gag). 

Q- Do you think books should be turned into movies? Or left alone? Why?
A- No no no! Definitely not! I think some books should be turned into movies but not all. Only a handful. With books, I love how one can transport themselves into another world and imagine the characters, with each person having a different perspective on the appearance of each event and character. If we turn books to movies, we'll lose that freedom of imagination and always consider the characters the same way we consider the actors. 

Q- Do you prefer Contemporary novels or Paranormal/Fantasy/Dystopian/etc.? Why?
A- Like I said before, I'm not a huge fan of contemporary because the themes seem to be repetitive and I'm more of a history buff. I like Fantasy as well because I love to see the twists that authors can add in classic tales. I can also read Paranormal but only a handful. Some are great and some aren't so great. Dystopian is a great genre to read once in a while as well because of all the "what-ifs" that can apply to our society today. 

Q- Quick! Your bookcase caught on fire and you can only save 5 books! What 5 would you take and why?
A- Book of A Thousand Days by Shannon Hale, Into the Wind by Jean Ferris, Song of the Sea by Jean Ferris, Weather the Storm by Jean Ferris, and Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. 

Q-  If your favorite author decided to write a nonfiction book or book that isn't in your usual type of book to read, would you still read it? Why/not?
A- If Shannon Hale were to write a non-fiction book, I would most definitely read it because along with the genre of the books, what you read also depends on the writing style of the author. I love Hale's writing style and love non-fiction and think that might be a good mix. 

Q-  Who is your favorite book boyfriend (or girlfriend) and why?
A- Technically, he's not her boyfriend because this book is set in the 1700's. But Raider from the Into the Wind series is an amazing guy. He's a pirate with shades of grey. At some point, he acts like a jerk and other times loving and caring. I love him because he's so intriguing and not made to be "perfect". Who wants perfect anyway? 

Q- Damsels-in-distress vs. Heroines: Which do you prefer and why?
A- I have to say, I love heroines. It's always a good thing when the female can hold her own. Yay girl power! But I don't mind a few damsels-in-distress once in a while *wink*. 

Q- If an author were to write you as a character in their book, who would you want the author to be and would you want to be in a work they've already created or something new? what kind of character would you want to be?
A- If I were I a character in a book, I would love to be Miri from Hale's Princess Academy. I love her because she's so independent and quick-witted, something I always look for in any character. 

Phew... Made it to the end of the questions. Sorry if I tended to ramble :( But thanks again Nicole for such great questions! Love them! 

My questions: 

1. Contemporary vs. Historical? Which do you prefer? Why? 
2. Any favorite villains? Who, from what book, and why? 
3. Your MOST favorite book to date with the author and why? 
4. Real books vs. eBooks. Which do you prefer and why? 
5. Favorite genres? Why? 
6. Ever cried due to a book? What book and why? 
7. Which do you prefer: buying your own books or borrowing from the library? 
8. How do you feel about love triangles? 
9. How many books have you read this year? Do you have a goal for how many you  would like to read this year? 
10. If you could live the life of one character from a book for a day, what character would you choose? From what book and why? 
11. Dark and brooding male protagonist with different emotions and layers or a good-natured and "heroic" protagonist?  

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Sorry to any bloggers previously tagged for this award! I tried my best to find those who hadn't :) 

If you've survived up to here, thank you again Nicole, you're amazing for this! For those tagged,  hope this award helps you get to know yourself and your friends in the virtual world even better! Enjoy! :D 


  1. Congrats on your award!
    Nice blog.

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination/tag! :) that was very sweet!

  3. I agree with so many of your answers! And fact #11 is just like me. I could've had an eReader but I did not want it. It's not the same as feeling the book in your hands. lol I just use my phone if there's a book I want to read that's only in eBook format.

    ~Nicole (BooksWorthCF)

  4. I got a nomination of this and i haven't done a post of it yet. But, I'm loving your post :)

    1. You should definitely do it! It's so much fun. Aw thank you :)

  5. Great never knew you scared of clowns.